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Daiei Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. (referred to from this point as ‘the company’) takes the protection of personal information and privacy very seriously, and views that protection as our responsibility and obligation. Our established Privacy Policy below is strictly observed by all employees and management.

1. We will only collect your personal information by appropriate
and fair methods.

Our Privacy Policy applies to the personal information of our clients, including the full name, address, phone number, etc., which could be used to identify individuals.
Personal information may be acquired by us via inquiries about various services and facilities and general questions about our company. When personal information is acquired by the company, we will be clear about the purpose and its intended use, and personal information will only be used for publicly stated purposes.

2. Regarding the importance of personal privacy rights

The company will respect the rights of individuals to protect their personal information. Any complaint or demand for disclosure about our clients’ personal information will be responded to promptly. Any inaccuracy about our clients’ personal information,
corrections, or deletions will be carried out as soon as is practical, after the identity of the individual in question is confirmed.

3. Regarding the use of personal information

We will not provide our clients’ personal information to any third party without advance consent. If we use our clients’ personal information in cooperation with another company, we will publicly announce the framework of such use.

4. Regarding the appropriate management of personal information

The company will endeavour to ensure that all personal information that is collected is accurate and recent, and is used within our stated framework. We ensure vigilant security to prevent the loss, damage, or improper disclosure of personal information.

5. Regarding the observance of national laws, guidelines and other criteria

The company will respect and observe industry guidelines and national laws and guidelines regarding personal information at all times. We will also follow our stated established privacy policy.

6. Our personal information protection policies will be observed, maintained
and disclosed to all potentially affected parties.

7. We will continue to improve the enforcement of personal information protection.