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Corporate name
Daiei Sangyo Kaisha,Ltd.
February 26,1948
303 Million yen
Number of employees
146 (April 01, 2023)
Business fields
1. Domestic sales and imports and exports of the commodities below
<Food & Liquor Head Office>
Rice Rice in general,Polished rice for business,Rice for sake brewing,Rice for miso fermentation,Rice for cakes,Rice for fermented food production,Rice powder,Rice bran,JAS organic polished rice,Unpolished rice,Government designated warehouses
Food Overseas- and domestically-produced starches, including potato, sweet potato, corn and tapioca starches, soybeans, adzuki beans, grain products, foods, liquors, dried vegetables, spices and seasonings, prepared rice flour products, brewing products
Liqueur Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Brandy, Liqueur, Spirit, Soft Drink
Food Manufacturing Manufacture of premixed food powder including hotcake mix,cake mix and OKONOMI-YAKI(Japanese version pizza)mix
<Auto Parts Head Office>
Automobile Components Gum resin products for automobiles
Production Materials Thermosetting plastic molding compounds, Trust crushing processing, Disk mill, Drum sludge dryer
Metals Steel plate(sheet metal,medium thickness plate,thick plate),Non-ferrous metals in general,Metals for shirring
<Corporate Head Office>
Eco Material Development and sales of bioplastic materials
General Affairs Department
2. All the business and services pertaining to the previous section.
Chairman and Representative DirectorFusazo Inagaki
President and Representative DirectorAkitoshi ito
Director and Senior Vice PresidentMitsuhiko Yamada
Senior advisorTohta Okamoto
DirectorYasushi Okamoto
Senior Executive OfficerKazuhiko Sakai
Senior Executive OfficerRyouichi Akashi
Senior Executive OfficerTerutaka Nagayanagi
Executive OfficerTOshio Ito
Executive OfficerHideaki Taniguchi
Corporate AuditorKazunari Sano
  • MUFG Bank
  • The Okazaki Shinkin Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
  • Mizuho Bank
  • Resona Bank
  • The Chukyo Bank
  • San Ju San Bank
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • The Shoko Chukin Bank
  • The Aichi Bank