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Food Manufacturing Department at Daiei Sangyo

Considering OEM of premix products?
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At the Food Manufacturing Department, we provide premix (processed food powder) OEM services tailored to customers’ needs including single-serve packaging. The advantage of OEM arrangement is that customers can use our specialized plant to manufacture their brand-name products. We handle customers’ materials and information with utmost care and produce premix products under strict quality and food hygiene management. This ensures our products supplied throughout Japan are safe and secure for consumption. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Main Merchandise

Powder processed food (premix)
  • - Hotcake (Japanese pancake) mix
  • - Pancake mix
  • - Cupcake mix
  • - Okonomiyaki mix
  • - Takoyaki mix
  • - Pizza dough mix


Our food safety management system has been ISO and FSSC certified for many years.
2007 ISO 22000:2005
2016 FSSC 22000 (v3.2)
2018 FSSC 22000 (v4.1)
2020 FSSC 22000 (v5.0)

AIB Food Safety Inspections

We have been receiving food safety inspections and consulting services from AIB International (formerly known as the American Institute of Baking) since 2013. In compliance with AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection, we are proactively pursuing food safety on shop floors.

Nagoya Plant 135 Hiromi, Nishizakai-cho, Kariya City, Aichi, 448-0006 Japan
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TEL +81-566-62-7271/FAX+81-566-36-3671 Visiting by carAbout 2 minutes (1.1 km) from Toyoake toll gate, Isewangan Expressway Visiting by public transportAbout 6 minutes by cab (1.6 km) from Toyoake station
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