Delivering excitement and happiness through liquor from around the world

Liquor Department at Daiei Sangyo

We visit producers worldwide and import only the choicest products that pass our taste tests.

Daiei Sangyo’s Liquor Department imports and then sells high-quality wine, brandy, beer, and other liquor products in the Japanese market. Customers’ taste in liquor has been diversifying, and the rising demand for high-end products with distinct characters has opened up amazing business opportunities for us. We adhere to the stance of visiting producers and finding excellent products by using our own eyes and taste buds. A steady supply of these choicest imports is maintained so that they can be enjoyed by many consumers in Japan.

Main Countries of Origin
  • - France
  • - Spain
  • - Germany
  • - Portugal
  • - Italy
  • - Austria
Main Customers
  • - Hotels
  • - Department stores
  • - Restaurants
  • - Liquor stores
Main Merchandise
  • - Wine
  • - Beer
  • - Brandy
  • - Whiskey
  • - Liqueur
  • - Soft drink
Head Office 4-18 Honjin-tori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, 453-0041 Japan
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TEL +81-52-482-7241/FAX+81-52-482-1560 Visiting by carAbout 12 minutes (3 km) from Marunouchi IC exit, Nagoya Expressway
About 10 minutes (2.5 km) from Kasumori IC exit, Nagoya Expressway
Visiting by public transportAbout 8 minutes’ walk (500 m) from Honjin station (Subway Higashiyama Line)
Head Office
Tokyo Branch Office 3-20-16 Minami-Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0013 Japan
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TEL+81-3-3768-1266/FAX+81-3-3764-6784 Visiting by carAbout 4 minutes (1 km) from Suzugamori exit, Haneda Route 1 downward, Metropolitan Expressway
About 6 minutes (2.1 km) from Heiwajima exit, Haneda Route 1 upward, Metropolitan Expressway
Visiting by public transportAbout 9 minutes’ walk from North exit, Omori station, JR Keihintohoku Line
Tokyo Branch Office

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