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Feb. 1948
Established with capital 180,000 yen.
Jul. 1949
Designated as anagent of Nagoya Rubber Co.,Ltd.(present Toyoda Gosei Co.,Ltd.).
Oct. 1949
Designated as an agent of Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co.,Ltd.
Feb. 1956
Stars import/export businesses with China.
Jun. 1960
Ichiei Industrial Co.,Ltd. established under the auspices of Nagoya Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Dec. 1961
Receives from Chine the designation of Friendly Trading Company for China and Japan.
Aug. 1963
Starts handing imported liquors.
Jan. 1968
Designated as a specified agent of Toyota Tsusho Corporation and atarts handing of metals.
Feb. 1972
Starts handling foreign and domestic beans.
Oct. 1974
Unica Co.,Ltd. established under the auspices of Toyota Automobile sales Co.,Ltd.
Aug. 1980
Establishes Nakanihon Nousan Kaisha,Ltd for expansion and strengthening of the Grain Department.
Jul. 1988
Receives the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)'s Minister's Award.
Apr. 1990
Inherits the business of Little Princess Inc. to make advancement into a new business field.
Apr. 1991
The Tokyo Office is promoted to The Tokyo Branch Office.
Jul. 1996
Stars the warehouse business as the designated werehouse of the Food Agentcy.
May. 1997
The Inazawa Office is transferred to the Saya business office and the Saya Office is established.
Dec. 1997
Inherits the business of Wine Food Co.,Ltd of the Export Processing Zone,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Feb. 1998
Inherits the business of Chuoh Shokuryo Co.,Ltd.
Aug. 1998
The Hamamatsu Office is moved to Minami-iba cho,Hamamatsu City.
Jun. 2000
Increases Capital by 103 million-yen for a total 303 million-yen.
The Nagoya Plant of the Food Manufacturing Department is established within the Nishi-sakai Office.
Dec. 2001
The Saya Office and the Kariya Office acquire the certification of ISO 14001.
Jul. 2002
To establish a new unit, the ECO Material Department, to meet market needs for environmental measures.
May. 2005
The ECO Material Department acquire the certification of ISO9001.
Oct. 2006
Due to increased production at Food Manufacturing Department in Nagoya plant, a constitution of the second plant is decided.
Jul. 2007
The Food Manufacturing Department in Nagoya plant acquires the certification of ISO 22000(Food Safety Management Systems).
Sep. 2007
The Nishi-sakai Office and the Nagoya Plant acquire the certification of ISO14001.
May. 2008
The Daiei Sangyo's Furui Warehouse is newly constructed at Furui-cho,Anjo City, as an exterior warehouse of the Kariya Office.
Mar. 2009
A land of approximately 17,160m2 is acquired at Onawa-cho, Tsushima City , as a prospective construction site for a food factory.
Aug. 2010
The Obu Office is established. The Metals Department is transferred from the Nishi-sakai Office to the Obu Office to streamline distribution and production.
Apr. 2011
The Tsushima Office is established and launches operations as a dedicated rice plant for Nakanihon Nousan Kaisha, Ltd.
Nov. 2014
Establishes Sora Co.,Ltd.
Dec. 2015
The Hamamatsu Synthetics Department acquires the certification of ISO9001.
Jun. 2016
The Food Manufacturing Department Nagoya Plant acquires the certification of FSSC22000.
Apr. 2018
The Furui Warehouse is moved to Toei-cho,Anjo City,and the Toei Warehouse is established.
Oct. 2018
The Hamamatsu Office is moved to Irion-cho,Nishi-ku,Hamamatsu City.
Dec. 2018
Inherits the business of Shirakawa Rice Co.,Ltd.
Jul. 2022
Head office building is newly constructed.
Apr. 2023
Warehouse is newly constructed at the Kariya Office.