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This document lists the recommended computer specifications and other important points relating to your use of this site.

Linking to This Site

In general, we ask that you link to the top page of the site.
We do not accept links from sites that violate public morals or from for-profit sites.
In addition, we ask that you avoid setting the anchor to the destination screen when linking to the site, as the correct content will not be displayed, potentially causing confusion for users viewing the link.

Recommended Computer Specifications

We recommend that the site be viewed on a computer with the following specifications.
Please note that using the site on a computer not conforming to the specifications listed below may cause you to be unable to use the site properly and may prevent pages from being displayed normally and/or behaving correctly. Thank you for your understanding.

Supported Operating Systems/Browsers

Microsoft Edge, latest version
Google Chrome, latest version
Mozilla Firefox, latest version
Safari, latest version
Google Chrome, latest version
Mozilla Firefox, latest version
iOS 12.0 or higher
Safari, latest version
Google Chrome, latest version
Android OS 8.0 or higher
Google Chrome, latest version
Please set your browser to use TLS 1.2 or higher when viewing the pages of this website.

Note: The site is not optimized for mobile browsing (Android/iOS platforms). We appreciate your understanding.

Copyright for the Content on This Site

The copyrights for content posted on this site belong to Daiei Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. and/or to the respective authors of the content. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute or alter any content posted on this site without the express written consent of Daiei Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. or the original copyright holder(s).
Except for personal use, it is a violation of copyright law to copy or distribute such material without permission. Moreover, please note that making such material available online is not considered personal use, even if the site on which it is made available is operated as a personal hobby (such as a blog or other similar site).


In order to provide you with an enjoyable browsing experience, this site uses JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled, pages may not be displayed properly. Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled in the browser that you are using.


In order to provide you with better service, this site uses cookies.
Cookies are small data files that are saved from a web server onto your hard disk (on your computer). Please note that we do not save any of your personal information in cookies. Please rest assured that under no circumstances will we violate your privacy.

Plugins and Downloading

Get Acrobat Reader web logoSome information on this site is posted in PDF file format. We recommend that you install the Adobe Reader plugin in order to view PDF files.
Note: We assume no responsibility for any damage caused to your computer or software originating from the installation of any browser plugins. Thank you for your understanding.