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Motivated by trust, we offer true value.

Anything can be acquired these days. However, things that offer true satisfaction seem to be rare.
In our Production materials Division, we ascertain the essential when and where, truly delivering whatever you need. in whatever amount you need. We strive to satisfy a wide range of customer expectations, from raw materials to secondary materials and production equipment forging the future through the products we offer.

  • Trust crushing processing
    Trust crushing processing
    "Dry ball mill crushing"
  • Panasonic thermal curing resin
    Panasonic thermal curing resin
  • Drum sludge dryer
    Drum sludge dryer

Main suppliers

Panasonic Corporation Toukai Clay Industry Co,Ltd.

Main customers

Panasonic Corporation Panasonic industrial Devices Materials Yokkaichi Co,Ltd.
Panasonic Healthcare Co,Ltd. Resin mold producers

Crushing example


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