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We shape the needs of customers into sure forms with our latest machines and systems.

Focusing on General, surface treated, and special steel coils and cut plates, we handle the full range of steel products, from stainless steel to aluminum. Our customers are manufacturers of parts for automobiles, weak electronics, household electrical appliances, the main customers being Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi.
Our processing section boasts three oscillating leveler shears, which can perform profile processing, and one shirring machines, This equipment allows us to use a 4.8-ton hoist to process from the devision base material coil and meet attentively the various needs of our customers.

Main suppliers

Toyota Tsusho Corporation Toyota Steel Sales Corporation
Toko Iron & Steal Co.,Ltd Fujitec Co.,Ltd.
Hanwa Co.,Ltd.

Main customers

Tokai Parts Industry Co.,Ltd. Toyota Body Seiko Co.,Ltd.
Tokai Tekko Co.,Ltd. Nissin Horo Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.


Obu Office

Obu Office

2-221 Ichiya-cho,Obu City,474-0055 Japan
TEL +81-562-45-4831 FAX +81-562-48-3301


Ichinomiya Plant

8-3-3 Mitsui, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi 491-0827, Japan
TEL +81-586-77-9171 FAX +81+586-77-1344