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We read the business trends in advance surfing on the tidal current of the age.

We import liquors such as high quality wines and cognacs from over seas for sales throughout Japan. Today, diversification, individuation and gentrification of the tastes for liquors have been heightening year by year, and along with them the business chances have been greatly increasing. In the future also, we are determined to continue exerting our efforts to supply at reasonable prices liquors which will be accepted nationwide to be excellent in quality that we discover, strictly adhering to our basic stance to find products to import by visiting the places of production.

Main suppliers

France Germany
Italy Spain
Portugal Austria

Main customers

Hotels Restaurants
Department stores Liquor shops
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Head Office

4-18 Honjin-dori,Nakamura-ku,Nagoya City,
453-0041 Japan
TEL +81-52-482-7231 FAX +81-52-481-0499


Tokyo Branch Office

3-20-16 Minami-Oi,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,
140-0013 Japan
TEL 03-3768-1266 FAX 03-3764-6784