Rice Food Liquor Food Manufacturing Automobile Components Production Materials Metals Eco Material

Daiei Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. is a diverse trading company involved in a large number of industries.

  • Rice

    With customer service always foremost in mind, we supply an evolving market with a wide variety of rice types while pursuing ever greater levels of food safety and quality assurance.

  • Food

    We are a key provider of starches, wheat flour, and soybean powder products to the domestic Japanese market, and are helping design the next generation of leading-edge food products.

  • Liquor

    We travel the world to find direct access to high quality alcoholic beverages, and supply them to the Japanese market at a reasonable price.

  • Food Manufacturing

    From the sourcing of raw materials through to preparation and packaging, our unique product quality and food safety management system is second to none.

  • Automobile Components

    As part of the latest evolution in vehicles, we develop and supply exciting new parts and technology to the automobile industry.

  • Production Materials

    A bright new future of advanced products awaits, and we are helping to develop the raw materials, auxiliary materials, production equipment and facilities that will take us there.

  • Metals

    Using hoist equipment with a rated load of 4.8 tonnes, our Oscillational Leveler Shear meets extremely precise structural steel production requirements.

  • Eco Material

    We take great pride in our role as a leader in the research and development of products that protect and improve our environment.